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  • erlannordenskald
    Aug 21, 2005
      Well, I have arrived home safe and with out incident. I hope that
      all of you did so as well. WOW, what a pleasure it was to have the
      opportunity to direct you all this year in the KWC at Pennsic.
      Thank you everyone for all your hard work and efforts. Every
      thing that you contributed was well received.

      I gave a little listen to the recording and it's not too bad. I
      think I can edit out the noise and make something from it.

      I think that I can even dump a tune or 2 in the files section!!

      OK, NOW, back on to WORK....

      Kingdom Crusades
      Gulf Wars

      Let's do IT!!

      I plan on being at Estrella this year to witness the KWC # 2 there!!

      Let's stay in touch and if anyone gets any pictures from the concert,
      please post them to the site.

      Thank you again