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2092Re: [KWChoir] duets?

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  • Ysolt la Bretonne
    Feb 13, 2014
      There are several Thomas Morley ones. I Go Before my Darling is the only one I can dredge up at the moment. Some of the Ravenscroft pieces might work too.


      On 2/13/2014 8:55 PM, tuggerhugger@... wrote:

      Hello all,

      This is slightly off topic since I do not have a choir at my disposal, but rather would like some suggestions for period sop/sop or sop/alto duets to try singing with my adult daughter.

      'When Love Is New', an Appalachian folk song(?) has been suggested as a not exactly period but pretty and traditional and ok for bardic circles, etc.

      We are hoping that this pool of awesome vocal musicians can help to steer us to a few other (maybe more SCA period) songs. I have a deeper voice but wider range (thus the sop or alto) and se has a delicate mid soprano voice. 

      Thank you for taking time to help us :)

      Illya Gemsdottir and Ynes Brasa

      Maîtresse Ysolt la Bretonne, OP
      Barony of Windmasters' Hill
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