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2070Re: [KWChoir] Top 10 period songs every SCAdian should know

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  • Karen Arianna Kasper
    Jan 8, 2014
      Well, two of those songs are on the Top 10 list. Sheet music for the Top 10 songs is available from the Yahoo Group site under Files > KWC Top 10 Songs, here: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/KWChoir/files/KWC%20Top%2010%20Songs/

      In addition, if you want songs that are easy to sing, you might want to look at the Thomas Ravenscroft rounds, which includes another of the Top 10 pieces, "There Were Three Ravens." Some of the Ravenscroft rounds are even a little bawdy, like "He That Will an Ale-house Keep." Master Gregory Blount of Atlantia has a web page with both facsimiles of the original ms. and modern editions of the songs at http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/ravenscroft/.

      Another good source of period rounds is a book called "Rounds and Rounds" by Mary Taylor. It's out of print but you can get used copies at Amazon. It includes some Ravenscroft as well as a variety of other rounds, most of which are 16th and early 17th c.

      Good luck, and let us know if you need further assistance.

      Arianna of Wynthrope


      On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 9:27 PM, Victoria Sapko <vsapko@...> wrote:

      Hi all,

      A friend and I have been talking about starting a local choir for some time, but haven't gotten around to making it happen yet.  I think a good starting point would be to have a local class on period songs every SCAdian should know.  This is different from the KWC top ten that was discussed a couple of years ago, as I am looking for songs that are more likely to spontaneously break out at an event.  This way, folks will have a short list of period songs that they can at least hum along or sing a chorus when they hear it at an event.

      To seed the list, I thought the following songs would be aprropriate for the list:

      Sumer is Icumen in
      Pastime with Good Company
      The Agincourt Carol

      Any other ideas?

      By the way, I may end up altering the list I actually use in favor of songs that are a) easier to learn and b) I can get copies thereof.



      Victoria Sapko

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