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2028We need someone to record the Known World Choirs Thursday 8/1, noon-2

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  • jonisyngs
    Jul 10, 2013

      Our friend Master Li is not able to join us this year, so we are in search of someone who is available to make our sound recording, and perhaps create a CD for us. We are scheduled to record on Thursday afternoon 8/1 from noon to 2PM. We are not able to change that time.

      The location of the Performing Arts Pavilion will be different this year, and we will all know where that is when we arrive at Pennsic and open our maps. It will still be connected to the rest of Pennsic University.

      It would also be lovely if a video of our Thursday evening (5:30PM) performance could also be recorded, particularly of the Owain Phyfe music. I have had many requests for those songs to make their way to Youtube. I have a camera which is new to me (gifted used camera), but I don't know how well it performs. I may be able to lay my hands on a tripod, but I am not certain of that. Of course I can't operate it and also wave my arms on the stage, so I'll need some assistance with that!

      Lady Siri