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2003KWDMS coming soon

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  • Beth Gurzler
    May 27, 2013
      Hello all.
      I am Deonna von Aachen, long time musician and dancer in the SCA currently living in Concordia of the Snows, East

      I also happen to be the event steward for the Knowne World Dance and Music Symposium happening in just 4 weeks time.  Not only will we have 4-6 tracks of dance classes on Friday and Saturday, as well as dancing on Sunday, There are 2 tracks of classes for musicians, each day, opportunities to play for dance classes, open class time for jamming, master classes to attend with John Tyson and Renaissonics of Boston as well as the usual opportunities to play for the balls. 

      The time to register for the event is now which you can do through ACCEPS or by post.  There is a significant discount if you do so by June 1.  Of course the big issue is housing in Saratoga Springs but I do have affordable space available that I need to fill. 

      We  are updating the website constantly and the actual class schedule should be up very soon.  See http://kwdms.org for all the details.  So, come for the day, come for the weekend hope to see you soon.

      Hope to see you soon
      Deonna von Aachen
      event steward, kwdms