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1995Repertoire List for Known World Choir, Pennsic 42

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  • jonisyngs
    May 5, 2013
      Good day Choir Members!

      Here is the repertoire list for KWC 42:

      Pastime with Good Company (attr. Henry VIII) Traveling Music 3PT

      Sicut Cervus+ (Palestrina)

      Tresteza Cancionero de Palacio 12 Alonso 3PT
      Calabaca Cancionero de Palacio 433 3PT
      Passame por Dios Cancionero de Palacio 217 (Jacome) 3PT

      Shir Hama’ alot (Psalm 128) Salamone Rossi 3PT

      Men’s Piece: I Goe Before My Darling (Morley) for TB (WOMEN LEAVE STAGE)
      Women's Piece: Four Arms, Two Necks (Weelkes) for SSA (MEN REMAIN ON STAGE)

      Owain Phyfe Set:

      Ach Elslein (Senfl)
      Il Prigioniero (Gastoldi) 3PT
      Mignone Alons voici la rose (Chardevoinne)
      Since first I saw Your Face (att. to Ford)

      It may seem to be an excessive number of pieces, but some are quite short. As promised, a number of them are in three parts. The last four are in dedication to Owain Phyfe who graced the stage at Renfaires across the country and at the Pennsic War. He passed away this past September and I would like to honor his legacy by performing some of the songs which inspired him, in their original form.

      I will be posting the music in the file section soon. We will have pdfs of each song, instructions, links to midi files, and Robin has graciously volunteered to provide sung learning tracks for us. Stay tuned!

      Yours In Service
      Lady Siri Toivosdotter