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1982Re: [KWChoir] Another reason to keep singing

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  • Tim Thomas
    Feb 21, 2013
      Here's another interesting tidbit from The Chorus Impact Study (2009), a project of Chorus America -

      "People who sing in choruses demonstrate characteristics that make them remarkably good citizens. For example, choral singers are much more likely to be generous by volunteering in their communities and contributing money to philanthropic causes. They’re far more likely to take on leadership roles, too, and participate in the political process. For instance, 96% of adult choral singers who are eligible voters vote in national and local elections—compared to 70% of the general public who are voters. And an overwhelming number of choral singers reportthat singing in a chorus has helped them become better team members in other areas of their lives."

      When school-age children sing in choir, their ability to work collaboratively, develop leadership skills, and advance valuable character education skills all improve.  These are facts I bring up (ad nauseum) with the administrators who hold the purse-strings in my school district.   Sometimes, when they don't 'get' the value of developing aesthetically-responsive citizens, they will understand these other '21st century skills'.


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      That is a great article.  I tell my students (some of whom may be reluctant to practice) that performing on a wind instrument (in this case, Recorder) in a group, under the direction of a conductor is the most brain engaging activity they can perform.  Singers, of course, receive most of the same benefits as wind players, absent of manipulating the keys on an instrument.  Deep breathing is so healthy for you.  They say musicians live longer . . . . 


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      Subject: [KWChoir] Another reason to keep singing

      In case "It's fun" isn't enough reason for you to stick with music...


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