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1967Re: What are you singing?

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  • maria daggett
    Jan 31, 2013
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      OH I love hearing what's been going on.
        quick update on me.
      1) I've gotten in touch with Lorilei and Rachel for the youth choir.
      Also been co-ordinating with Martyn De halliwell who is the Youth and Family Cord for war.
         The Youth Choir and Children's Choir will rehearse in the A and S area in a tent each morning.  Lady Rachel who is, by the way, one of Mistress Arianna's apprentices.... will be directing the Youth Choirs.... we are in touch and are making plans.  
      Youth will perform at the KWC&F concert probably at the beginning again, it worked out well last year.  

      My current plan is to assist where needed.... and teach a whole bunch of classes, some for adults, some for kids and hopefully work on getting a next generation of musicians working with us.  

      On another note, our East Kingdom had quite a blast for our Kingdom 12th night... the locals got together to work on some really nice early period french music in honor of Lady Bruissinde being elevated and if you know her, you know that she is French and speaks it as a primary language.   Martyn sang (amazing voice)  Baroness Sabine, Master Arden, Mistress Sol and, me and a few others... it was nice.  

      As for other things.. I am the Music Coordinator for this year's Known World Dance and Music Symposium.  I am taking the proposals for the music classes and the NON- European Dance classes.  

      My e mail for THAT is

      I am accepting class proposals until Feb 10th.   Please pass this a long to anyone who you know might be interested.  The classes do NOT have to be about Dance, and can be performance, historical, lecture or by example.   I have 9 spots left to fill.  It's in Saratoga Springs NY in the Barony of Concordia.  

      OH, I'm home recouperating from surgery.... nothing too traumatic but I can't work for  2 months.   I'm OK.    no worries!!

      Happy Winter.


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