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1946CD - finally!

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  • Susan Kell
    Jan 18, 2013
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      Greetings, all -
      I am embarrassed to say that the CD of the KWC at Pennsic 2012 is *finally* ready!
      It was a noisy war, so there is a lot of background noise, but the music is lovely.
      To order online, the new CD is available at:
      CDs from previous years can also be ordered at:
      We have held the cost to the same $4 per CD as in past years, plus shipping. (Plus MA sales tax, if applicable.)
      If you prefer to order by mail, please use the online ordering system to calculate your total and shipping, but print the page instead of using the PayPal checkout function. You can then mail your order and your check or money order (US$ only) to us at:
      Richard Monroe
      167 Wilson Street
      Framingham, MA  01702
      We have started "production" and will begin shipments Monday 1/28.
      Anyone who is attending the East Kingdom's "A Market Day at Birka" event next weekend can purchase CDs in person, and save the shipping costs. If you would like me to reserve CDs for you, please send me a message privately to let me know how many copies you want and for which years. You can then pick them up at "Kellswood Krafts" and pay in cash or by check.
      Thank you for your wonderful music!
      Warm wishes,

      Baroness Ygraine of Kellswood
      Companion of the Laurel and of the Pelican
      East Kingdom Archery Scorekeeper

      Susan Kell
      CFO, Production Manager & Shipping Clerk
      Bard Wire Productions
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