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1923post Pennsic thoughts

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  • Dave
    Aug 17 12:19 PM
      Well folks, it's been a week since we came home, all of the laundry is done, everything is dry, and final tent cleaning and packing away is scheduled for tomorrow (if it stays sunny). I hope you have all recovered from your War adventure as well.

      Once again the KWC experience surpassed my expectations. I can't thank enough those of you who came to all of the rehearsals, shrugged off the heat, rain, and the crazy languages, learned 8 songs, and put on a great concert. Obviously this would be pointless without you folks and your passion for both the music and the KWC. What a great group this year!

      Special thanks to all of the new folks doing this for the first time. Often I ask for hands to see who is making their debut with KWC, but forgot this year. Vivat, Huzzah and the like to you!

      For those of you who didn't quite make it to the rehearsals and onto the stage, hoepfully we will see you participate in the future. If there is something that can help your participation, don't hesitate to let us know....

      I owe personal thanks to LOTS of people, and hesitate to name them for risk of leaving some out - but special mention to Mistress Arianna for all of the support, guidance and great song selection ideas as well as making the small choir happen, Lady Erland for her ongoing support of the choir and great work with the first youth chorus, Mistress Eliane for her guest conducting spot, and Cedric for anchoring the tenors and being so much more than 'just' the tenor section leader.

      Thanks to my lady Amelia who put up with me and all of my 'responsibilities' during her first ever Pennsic (and 2nd ever SCA event), and thanks to Cailin for stepping in on very short notice to sing with my quartet/trio on the show. He just fit right in, didn't he?

      As we look forward I'm particularly excited by the expansion of the KWC concept at Pennsic - especially with more groups on the show. I believe the Youth choir will continue as will the small choir. And if you have a local singing group and can get them to the war, please let one of the Board of Directors know so we can start planning for next year.

      We are also recruiting new leadership and it's always fun to find other people with their own set of talents and skills to add to the community. Not only are we looking at new directors, but more organization of the classes run throughout the week - both in what is offered, and how/where the classes are scheduled. If you want to teach a Western music class but aren't quite sure what to teach or how to approach it - please drop me an email.

      I'll keep you posted on progress of the CD. And did anyone videotape the concert?

      Finally - while the memories are fresh - if you have ideas for how to do things better or different, please bring them up now. Either to the group or in private to myself, one of the Ariannas, or Erland.

      Thanks again, and I hope to see you all around the Society this year and certainly at Pennsic next year!

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