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1920Todos Los Bienes - MP3s posted

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  • Dave
    Jul 28 3:01 PM
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      I converted the midi files of Todos to MP3s (still computer generated sounds) so now you can put them on a CD during your drive to Pennsic!

      And I managed to fit them into the files section of this group. Look for Pennsic 41 and the MP3s folder


      --- In KWChoir@yahoogroups.com, Jennifer Friedman <jennifer-friedman@...> wrote:
      > Hi there,
      > Good question! We will be singing it just as written in the sheet music: Once
      > through all the way on the first line of text, and then another time through on
      > the first line of text. It means what what we think of as the "chorus" tune (the
      > "Todos los bienes...gloria" part, though it has different words in the second
      > verse) comes at the beginning AND the end of each verse, so if that's what you
      > meant by "repeats in the middle", then that's the correct answer. Although I
      > haven't looked at the facsimile in awhile (hope to do that tomorrow if I have
      > time), that's my recollection of the road map from the original, hence why the
      > edition we are using goes that way.
      > Hope that helps...
      > Eliane
      >  Eliane Halevy, OL
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      > Jennifer Friedman, 4630 Mineral Point Rd., Madison, WI 53705
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      > >From: Lisa G <lisalys@...>
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      > >Sent: Sat, July 28, 2012 2:31:16 PM
      > >Subject: [KWChoir] question on Todos Los Bienes
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      > >Potentially a silly question here, but how are we singing Todos Los Bienes? Is
      > >it straight through w/ repeats at the end? Or with repeats in the middle? I've
      > >found 3-4 different versions on youtube so far, and they all seem to do it
      > >differently. 
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      > >
      > >thanks,
      > >
      > >-alys
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