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192Re: schedules / music

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  • maria daggett
    May 31, 2005
      KWC schedule:

      Performing arts Pavillion Schedule:


      I have music and it might be ready in oh, I'd say
      about a week.

      at the moment the line up is:

      Ave Maria (6 pt - SSAATB)
      - same initial phrase as the 4 part (sol - do) but a
      little different and heavier on the female ability.

      Tu pauperum refugium (SATB and recorder)
      (always wanted to do this one)

      Mass sections are Kyrie from Pange Lingua (SATB) and
      the GLORIA from Dux Ferrarie (hardly EVER done) (SATB)

      Absalon fili mi (SATB) and ONLY if we have the bass
      power to pull it off.

      Ell Grillo (SATB)
      Scaramella (SATB)

      MAYBE the 4 part L'homme arme) problem with that is
      it's in the middle category of possibly NOT by

      Ile Fantazies De Josquin (reocrder)
      Mon Mary M'A Diffamee (recorder and smaller group
      female voices)

      De Tous Biens Plaine (recorders)

      I am including some recorder / vocal things and will
      be doing separate recorder sessions for any one
      interested or if you know someone.

      Keep checking this group listing for updated ...

      PS, We need tenors and basses... start recruiting. I
      might need to put together a war chest full of booty
      if we get desperate!!



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