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1919Re: [KWChoir] question on Todos Los Bienes

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  • Jennifer Friedman
    Jul 28, 2012
      Hi there,
      Good question! We will be singing it just as written in the sheet music: Once through all the way on the first line of text, and then another time through on the first line of text. It means what what we think of as the "chorus" tune (the "Todos los bienes...gloria" part, though it has different words in the second verse) comes at the beginning AND the end of each verse, so if that's what you meant by "repeats in the middle", then that's the correct answer. Although I haven't looked at the facsimile in awhile (hope to do that tomorrow if I have time), that's my recollection of the road map from the original, hence why the edition we are using goes that way.
      Hope that helps...

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      Potentially a silly question here, but how are we singing Todos Los Bienes? Is it straight through w/ repeats at the end? Or with repeats in the middle? I've found 3-4 different versions on youtube so far, and they all seem to do it differently. 



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