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1917Re: [KWChoir] Shameless class plugs

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  • mlaf
    Jul 28, 2012
      So, how much is shipping and handling for the handouts, if we can't get to
      Pennsic? Or are they available on PDF files?


      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Dave" <dsrubin2004@...>
      > Description: The Known World Choir organizing group has selected 10
      > standard (and relatively easy) period pieces that would make a great
      > starting place for your local vocal group. Come to this class and read
      > through the songs to both see what they are and get some experience with
      > them. Packets of music will be available to take home. Handout Fee: $3.00
      > Great class to kickstart your home group, find new rep for your group, and
      > learn common repertoire you can sing with any SCA chorister whenever you
      > are together.
      > See you at the war!
      > Robyn Solarius
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