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1915I hear you like to sing

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  • Gregory Stuart Pettigrew
    Jul 23, 2012
      As we prepare for the upcoming war, let us not forget about other singing opportunities at Pennsic. One you won't find on any official schedule is the annual drinking and singing walk that starts at my encampment and meanders through the Serengeti, bartering song for beverage.

      We meet at Camp Crook'd Cat (Block E02 on the Strand) on Monday of War Week (8/6 for you crazy people with calendars) just before dusk, warm up and practice some Period drinking songs, and then head out once we reach critical mass. We will provide the music, you just need to bring your singing voices, a mug, and a flashlight.

      For those of you with poor navigational skills, I can lead a troupe from rehearsal over to my encampment.

      - Gregory Stuart Burdick Pettigrew/Andreiko Eferiev, the Drinking and Singing Cossack