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1914Current registrations for KWC and some guidelines and last minut thoughts - long

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  • Dave
    Jul 23 8:55 AM
      The countdown continues! Pennsic in less than a week for some of you and 2 weeks for the rest of us. Woot!

      Current KWC registrations stand here:

      Soprano 1 = 11
      Soprano 2 = 6
      Alto = 15
      Tenor = 7
      Bass = 4

      Needless to say we are top heavy, maybe more than ever! I'm going to ask at least one of the Tenors to move down to Bass, and ask some of the Altos to move down to Tenor.

      But volunteers are better! So if you can move down a voice and are willing, please drop me a line ASAP so I can change your main voice preference. Soprano to Alto would also be greatly appreciated.

      With regards to pre-registrations, it's nice to pre-register for choir so we can make the decisions as above, but don't let the lack of a choir pre-registration stop you or any of your friends from joining us. Walk-ins are MOST welcome. I will even have some copies of the music on-site to give out (with a $5 copy and binder fee) for last minute people. But don't rely on that - if you know you are going to sing please copy the music and bring it in some sort of black binder.

      With regards to above - please continue recruiting, both for singers and for audience members for the Thursday night concert. With the sung learning tracks there should be almost NO barriers to someone who wants to participate. All I ask is that they can match pitch, can hold their own harmony part (not that hard if they are surrounded by people of like voices) and are coachable!

      More on what to expect and what to bring in a later post.