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1896Re: [KWChoir] Shameless class plugs

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  • Olivia Bakere
    Jul 16, 2012

      Any way I might be able to get my hands on the music handouts ahead of time?

      ~ Olivia

      On Jul 16, 2012 11:56 AM, "Dave" <dsrubin2004@...> wrote:

      A couple of classes I'm teaching/facilitating/hanging-on-for-dear-life at Pennsic that should be of interest to this crowd - that did NOT make the booklet (even though they were registered on time! grrrr)

      Drop-in Madrigal singing

      8/2 (Th) and 8/5 (Su) at 12:00 PM in the Performing Arts Pavilion (bring your lunch!).

      Description: Bring your "Oxford Book of Madrigals" and sing your favorite madrigals. This is a participatory class purely for the enjoyment of singing our favorites in a low pressure setting. A limited amount of sheet music will be available to borrow at the class.

      Last time I ran this it was people saying "Let's sing "April is in My Mistress Face' " (or whatever their favorite) then we would open our books/flip through our sheet music, assign parts and sing it. Sometimes we would do it again even trying other voice parts. Laugh and celebrate, then off to the next one. Great fun was had by all.

      Sing the Known World Choir top 10

      8/3 (F) and 8/6 (M) at 12:00 PM in the Performing Arts Pavilion (bring your lunch again!).

      Description: The Known World Choir organizing group has selected 10 standard (and relatively easy) period pieces that would make a great starting place for your local vocal group. Come to this class and read through the songs to both see what they are and get some experience with them. Packets of music will be available to take home. Handout Fee: $3.00

      Great class to kickstart your home group, find new rep for your group, and learn common repertoire you can sing with any SCA chorister whenever you are together.

      See you at the war!

      Robyn Solarius

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