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189Re: muaic and validity of qui habitat

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  • maria daggett
    May 26, 2005
      I was there as well. I do remember the Cathedral.
      Jocely was only suposed to take a 2 year hiatus,.. and
      here we are now....11 years later!!!

      I have reservations actually about doing Qui Habitat,
      only because it's probably not Josquin's. There is a
      lot of music attributed to him but is actually NOT
      his. In themost recent editing of his works, not the
      Smijther's (sp) edition, it is included in the list of
      works "most NOT likely" to be his.. so.. I might not
      include it.

      and of course you can get music no matter what. .More
      details on this to follow........

      --- draculachanter <draculachanter@...> wrote:

      > , his
      > > Frottola's, and the 24 voice Motet, in addition to
      > other favorites.
      > >
      > We did the 24-part piece under Mistress Josselyne
      > way back at Pennsic
      > 19 or 20. I had the privilege of being on part 1 -
      > no pressure, no
      > pressure! :-) Loved every minute of it. The
      > architecture guild made
      > the barn into Chartres Cathedral for our
      > concert...what an amazing
      > performance that was!
      > Nikki, aka Heloise (at the time I was Aidan)

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