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1881More (most) music is up!!

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  • Dave
    Jul 1, 2012
      Whoo whoo!!! All of my pieces are chosen and posted, including midi files and MP3's. Last piece is "O Quam Gloriosum" by Victoria. If you aren't familiar with that piece, here are a couple of YouTube links:


      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0viwYYrIkjo&feature=related (starts at about 0:14)

      We are doing it 1/2 step down for you perfect pitch people.

      Eliane and I will be finalizing her piece shortly, so this is about it.

      Sung learning tracks coming, but let the learning begin now!

      Oh, and let the registrations continue - with thanks for those of you who have already registered. We are pretty bass light so far as always, so encourage those men to sign up. They will be loved and encouraged (just like the rest of us). :-)