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187KWC pennsic general announcement

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  • daggett42
    May 20, 2005
      Known World Choir
      Greetings from Lady Erlandr Nordskald, Director of the Known World
      Choir at Pennsic.
      This year's Known World Choir program features the music of Josquin
      DezPrez, in honor of the 555th year of his birth. We will be
      rehearsing a few of the famous Mass movements, L'Homme, his
      Frottola's, and the 24 voice Motet, in addition to other favorites.

      Those interested in singing with the Choir should be able to read
      music or at least fake it pretty well. A familiarity with Renaissance
      Vocal music is a must, even if it's only something that you only
      dreamed about doing.

      All singers need to register and receive music prior to coming to
      Pennsic and may do so by contacting Erlandr. If there is room for
      more voices at war, then we will accept them gladly, especially if
      you're a tenor.

      Known World Choir Yahoo Group
      The Known World Choir group at Yahoo has more information; music
      files are available, and questions can be answered. Send mail to
      KWChoir-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to subscribe.
      Rehearsal Schedule
      Wed, Aug 10 12 - 2 pm Barn
      Thurs, Aug 11 12 - 2 pm Barn
      Fri, Aug 12 12 - 2 pm Barn
      Sat, Aug 13 no rehearsal
      Sun, Aug 14 4 - 6 pm Performing Arts Pavilion
      Mon, Aug 15 4 - 6 pm Performing Arts Pavilion
      Tues, Aug 16 4 - 6 pm Performing Arts Pavilion
      Wed, Aug 17 4 - 6 pm Performing Arts Pavilion
      Thurs, Aug 18 4 - 6 pm Performing Arts Pavilion
      Thurs, Aug 18 6 pm Concert in the Performing Arts Pavilion
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