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1853RE: pennsicdance: Any dance classes for the youth at Pennsic this year?

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  • Krege, Barbara B
    Apr 16, 2012

      Darius, I love you!  I am willing to help with all of this, except run the Ball. 

      But I need to know times, so that I can schedule my other commitments around the dance ones and choir ones.


      I know that much of your dance schedule and thus the dance pavilion is probably booked already. 

      That is why I wanted to see if some of the dance instructors would be able to teach the children, and if so, when.


      I taught european dance for 12 years in my barony and I always welcome the children.

      I found that children ages 7 and up, do great in european dance classes.

      I think some of the round dances are good for even the younger children.


      I have had 22 children dance in an A&S competiton at Estrella War a few years ago, with a dance they learned a couple of days before-Ballo del Fiore. 

      So I never underestimate what the children are capable of learning.


      The sooner you have some definite times for classes and maybe an afternoon ball, the sooner I can spread the word amongst those who might also teach youth classes, so that we don't have other youth classes at the same time as the dance classes, the choir classes or a Ball for the youth.


      As soon as I know more, I will let the dance list know.


      As for a ball, I would suggest somewhere around ages 10 and up.  Maybe even 9.  Children are in the 5th grade by age 10 and are already interested in boy and girl friends.  As for formality, you could "suggest" they dress up.  I would suggest around 6-8pm for a Ball for the youth.


      Let me know how I can help.

      Below is a tentative schedule of other children's performance activities--the children's theater group "Pennsic Youth Players" and the youth choir--and of other activities for children, youth and teens (based on previous year's times--I don't have the schedule yet for this year for some of this, but will update you as soon as I get a finalized schedule.)


      You will need one person with a SCA Background check present at each of the youth dance classes and the ball.

      I can be that person for you, if I don't have other conflicts.

      If I do have conflicts, I can find the individuals that have the required current SCA Background Check (most if not all youth officers, who reside in the USA, should have this SCA Background Check).

      You will need also two unrelated adults, but with all the dancers, dance instructors, and parents, that requirement is easily met.


      I am committed to the SCA BoD meeting (don't know when that will be) and to the KWC (Known World Choir), so I included it in the schedule below for the children, youth and teens.


      I am also going to copy this to the Known World Choir list, in case there are parents, who sing and who dance, or who have children that would be interested in the youth european dance classes, and who might be willing to help.

      If there are, please contact Darius at david.a.learmonth@...


      Thank you Darius!


      Barbara Krege

      (THL Jayne Barber, Outlands)


      Cc:  Known World Choir



      KWC (Known World Choir) and youth schedules (Youth Choir is correct, other is based on previous years)

      If you want the young guys, you might want to avoid Youth Combat each day, which I think last year was 8-10:30am and 3-5pm.


      Thursday, August 2-KWC 3-5pm

      Friday, August 3- Pennsic Youth Players: 9-10am, 10-11am and 5:30-6:30pm with Lady Cecily.

                  KWC 3-5pm

      Saturday, August 4- Pennsic Youth Players: 9-10am, 10-11am and 5:30-6:30pm with Lady Cecily.

                  Youth Choir 1-2pm

                  Afternoon – children going fishing

                  KWC  3-5pm

      Sunday, August 5- Pennsic Youth Players: 9-10am, 10-11am and 5:30-6:30pm with Lady Cecily.

                  Youth Choir  1-2pm

                  KWC  3-5pm

                  Opening Court

      Monday, August 6- Pennsic Youth Players: 9-10am, 10-11am and 5:30-6:30pm with Lady Cecily.

                  Youth Choir  1-2pm

                  KWC 3-5pm

                  ??7PM-Teen Party, East Kingdom ???

      Tuesday, August 7 – Pennsic Youth Players: 9-10am, 10-11am and 5:30-6:30pm with Lady Cecily.

                  Youth Choir  12-1pm

                  1-3pm? Meet the Board and Corporate Officers?  (last year it was on Tueday)

                  KWC 3-5pm

      Wednesday, August 8 – Pennsic Youth Players: 9-10am, 10-11am and 5:30-6:30pm with Lady Cecily.

                  Youth Choir 12-1pm

                  1-4pm Children’s Fete (all ages)

                  KWC 3-5pm

      Thursday, August 9 – Pennsic Youth Players: 9-10am, 10-11am and 5:30-6:30pm with Lady Cecily.

                  Youth Choir dress rehearsal  TBA            

                  KWC dress rehearsal and recording 1-3pm

                  2-3:30 Amphitheater Youth Theater Festival (performances by the Pennsic Youth Players)

                  KWC Concert  6-7pm



      From: David Learmonth [david.a.learmonth@...]
      Sent: Monday, April 16, 2012 1:09 PM
      To: Krege, Barbara B
      Cc: sarah scroggie; pennsicdance@...
      Subject: Re: pennsicdance: Any dance classes for the youth at Pennsic this year?

      It is an excellent idea that we do plan some children's classes into the mix at Pennsic.  It seemed to go over really well last year!

      Two quick points to mention:

      1.  If we do these, we should make sure to have a lot of volunteer ringers and/or other adults involved.  Last year I think each small group of kids had a sufficient other dance teacher in their group, not to teach directly, but just to guide them and move them in the right direction and such.  I've run some kids classes before at local events where it was just me and the children, and for a physical activity like that it can get a bit crazy, as some of them will want to just start running around, but if there are at least a few adults involved, it can help keep it together.

      2.  Now I'm not sure how exactly to approach this, so probably just Young Kids and Older Kids will work fine.  But I found once upon a time that it wasn't so much the Age of the kids involved, but their Attention Span / Rambunctiousness that determined the level of dance complexity they could handle.  Of course if we run the Young Kids classes first, then we can generally tell which ones would be good candidates to attend the Older Kids classes as well.  :)
      (no offense intended to the kids or anything.  But I remember an excellent 4 year old girl, and a very disruptive 10 year old boy.  Though Boys vs Girls may result for some differences as well, but I wouldn't think we'd want to do a Boys dance class, vs a Girls.)

      I can definitely help out as a ringer, but I know I'm going to be busy at Pennsic, so if someone else (perhaps with children) wants to take the lead on this, I think that would work best.  But if no one can, let me know and I potentially can do it.  (but I'll need help at the class!)   :)

      A Children's Ball is definitely an interesting idea.  Not sure whether to make something formal, or just have a few of these classes themselves, and call the last one the ball?  I'm just wondering if there would really be a huge difference in the "Class" vs the "Ball", though it might be fun for the kids to have a "Ball", and we could maybe get a band for it?  And snacks?


      On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 7:36 AM, Krege, Barbara B <KREGE@...> wrote:
      Sorry to hear Emma that you won't be at Pennsic.  Thanks for letting me know.

      I hope someone else will teach a couple of dance classes, one for the younger and one for the older children.

      Thanks for teaching the children last year.


      From: sarah scroggie [sarah.scroggie@...]
      Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2012 9:32 PM
      To: Krege, Barbara B
      Subject: Re: pennsicdance: Any dance classes for the youth at Pennsic this year?

      As of now I don't think we will be attending Pensic this year (we don't make it every year) Maybe someone else will take up the challange. The dances I remember including in the class were: Sellanger's round, Petit Vrien (Higglety Pigglety My Fine hen), Montard bransle, bransle with improvisations, Rose bransle (ring around the Rosie), and Galliard basics: clapping in rhythm  and jumping on the cadence.

        Of the constructive feedback I received from some older girls (age 8-12), it might be worth looking at a class aimed at an intermediate aged audience as well, they felt the class was a little childish. Not that they cannot join in adult dance classes, but the pre-teens and and early teens might enjoy a social dance class especially for them as well.


      On 15 April 2012 18:36, Krege, Barbara B <KREGE@...<mailto:KREGE@...>> wrote:
      Greetings to all Dancers on this list,

      Thanks first of all for all the teaching that many of you do.

      I have enjoyed being at your classes the last three Pennsics.

      Last year I attended the very large and wonderful class for the children at the Dance Pavilion.

      I think it was titled Dancing Fun for Children and was taught by Lady Emma, Martin and their son Emmundr.

      It was amazing to watch and I loved the joy on the children's faces (and their parents).

      It is my hope that several european dance classes for the children have either been scheduled or in the planning for this year at Pennsic.

      There will also be a Pennsic Youth Choir (for ages 8-17) this year at Pennsic, with rehearsals in the Performing arts Pavillion, starting Saturday, August 4 and run thru Thursday, August 9 of war week 1-2pm each day (Tue and Wed. rehearsals are 12-1pm and Thursday there is a dress rehearsal TBA).

      It is my hope that any dance classes for the youth are not scheduled opposite the youth choir classes.

      And if you send to me at krege@...<mailto:krege@...><mailto:krege@...<mailto:krege@...>> any planned children/youth european dance classes, I will try to be sure that other youth classes and activities don't conflict with those times.

      Maybe next year, there can be an afternoon european dance ball for the kids?

      Thanks for all that you do.

      I know that you work hard for us all.

      Barbara Krege

      (THL Jayne Barber, Outlands, European dance instructor for 12 years in al-Barran.)

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