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18182011 CD Coming soon!

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  • Susan Kell
    Dec 25 2:34 PM
      Hi all!

      We are almost ready to produce and ship the CD's from Pennsic 40 -- just
      waiting for Erlan's approval of a change to the insert, then we're ready to
      go. Finally. Sorry it has taken so long.

      Anyone who wrote a check for their pre-order will note that I just recently
      deposited it.

      As soon as we get the "green light", I will post here again and provide the
      link for online ordering.

      From Uncle Li: There's no such thing as a quiet War, and this was an
      especially noisy one.
      From me: This is an accurate recording...

      Thank you all for your patience!

      Happy Holidays,

      Susan Kell
      Owner & Designer
      Kellswood Design & Krafts
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