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1804Singable dances was Re: KWDMS 9

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  • mlaf
    Nov 3 6:12 PM
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      What are the ones you are thinking of?
      I have heard "If all the World was paper" sung to an English Country Dance.
      Belle Que has worked well for me to sing and dance to.
      Oak and Ash & thorn used to be sung to an English Country Dance in Caid = I'm not sure what the dance was called, but I think it was Posties or Posts or something like that.
      I've found what I was told was a (not very singable) English translation of Lament di Tristano, but I haven't ever seen the original - anyone know where I could find it?
      Another English Country Dance, the instructor was singing the directions.  I only remember the Chorus
      "take you partner by the hand, lead her out and back again, turn around in circles.  Take your corner by the hand, lead her out and back again, turn around in circles..."
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      I can think of an interesting topic.  - Dance music that also has lyrics/vocal lines or alternate versions that include voice.  I can think of 2-3 right now and I think I could probably come up with at least 5.  Might be enough to hold a class on!
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