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  • Monique Rio
    Oct 17, 2011
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      Hi all,

      First time poster, long time lurker. I’m Jadzia, the European Music Coordinator for KWDMS IX.

      First, I want to clarify what I want in terms of classes. I’d like them to be useful for dance musicians. This includes topics like theory and composition which are just as useful for singers as they are for instrumentalists.

      Examples of classes I’m looking for are:
      --- How was Dance Music Performed in Period? (what did the Renaissance Dance band look like? What instruments did they use? How many people were in the bands? What venues would the play at? Etc.)
      --- Techniques for learning new dance music quickly
      --- Renaissance Music theory dance musicians ought to know
      --- Techniques for arranging dance music
      --- How to make your renaissance dance band sound better.
      --- What are the modes?
      --- Techniques for transcribing period music into modern notation
      --- Rhythm in period
      --- What is temperament?
      --- Recorder technique

      Many of these apply just as well to singers as they do for instrumentalists. They just all are definitely useful for dance musicians.  

      Classes that have been accepted already:

      Master Avatar is teaching:
      Directing European Historical Dance Ensembles
      Medieval Modal Improvisation (3 hours split into 2 classes)
      Realizations for 15th c. Italian Bassa Dances

      Ron Fisher is teaching:
      Dance Music in Central Europe 1480 - 1680

      As for, “let’s play through recorder music” type classes... I waffle. I personally prefer it when it happens spontaneously in between classes in the hallways, as happened at last year’s KWDMS. But I could be convinced.


      Here’s a little background on why I’ve limited the range of classes to useful for dance musicians.

      The Knowne World Dance and Music Symposium has only existed under that name for the last two symposiums. Prior to that it was Knowne World Dance Symposium. It is primarily a dance event. To illustrate, there are five tracks dedicated to European dance and only one dedicated to European music. The evening events are balls. The only organized opportunity for musicians to play outside of classes is the ball.

      I’ve attended the last two KW Dance and Music Symposiums (the only two with music in the name) and primarily attended the music track at both of them. The more popular classes have been the ones that appealed to all musicians or to instrumentalists specifically. Lots of people attended theory classes and lots of people attended hands on instrumental classes. Not as many people came to the general music history classes, and my rounds class at the 2009 one wasn’t well attended. I’m not sure about the other singing focused classes, but my instinct tells me they also weren’t that well attended.

      This makes sense when you think of KWDMS as primarily a dance event. Most musicians there are dance musicians. I don’t think I knew anyone there who came only for the music track who wasn’t also a dance musician. And truth be told, there weren’t that many people who only played music. Most dance musicians also dance.

      On top of that, the majority of the Saturday European music classes are going to be for the small instrumental ensembles to prepare for the ball. This doesn’t leave us with many class spots left in our one track of classes.

      All this to say that I don’t think KWDMS is a good venue for singing. The vast majority of the musicians are there to play dance music and there’s no opportunity for vocal music to be featured in the evening activities. There absolutely are singers at KWDMS (and I’m one of them), but most (all?) of them aren’t there for the singing. If you don’t dance and you don’t play an instrument, the unfortunate truth is there won’t be much there for you to do. And that’s been the case for the last two symposiums as well.

      If there was ever a Knowne World Music Symposium that’d be different. I’m hoping in the not so far off future such an event will be possible.

      In the mean time some excellent events for singing are the Musicians Day in the East Kingdom, and a new event coming May 12, 2012 that my barony, Cynnabar (Ann Arbor, MI), is hosting for musicians called St. Cecilia at the Tower. At St. Cecilia there are three tracks planned, one for vocalists, one for instrumentalists, and one for lecture/round table classes. I’ll be posting more info about it in a month or two. (If you want more info on this event, let me know.) I don’t know off hand of music events West of the Mississippi.

      Hope that clarifies things, and I hope people aren’t too disappointed. Also, there’ll be another KWDMS in 2013 that Mistress Deonna is hosting in Concordia of the Snows. She may feel differently about vocal music at KWDMS than I do.

      If you have any questions, comments, or whatever let me know.

      KWDMS IX European Music Coordinator

      On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 9:02 AM, Michelle Faid <trinitysong@...> wrote:

      So far as I understand, the intent of the event is to focus on the combination of music and dance. I've gotten a few pokes about playing for it, but I'm a bit far away.


      On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 8:54 AM, chrissings@... <Chrissings@...> wrote:

      Did she really?  Umm wow.  That would limit things a bit.

      Mistress Arianna Morgan
      (MKA Chris Stuermer)
      Seneschal, Barony of Lochmere
      Kingdom of Atlantia
      SCA-MD, Inc.

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      I received an event announcement / call for teachers on this a few weeks ago, but I have to admit that I was put off by the autocrats' request that all music classes relate to dancing. 

      Erlan, have you spoken to the autocrats about your class ideas? If they are willing to support non-dance-related music, I'd certainly consider teaching there.


      From: Erlandr Nordenskald <erlannordenskald@...>
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      Subject: [KWChoir] KWDMS 9


      I am thinking ahead to June. Any thoughts?
      Maybe a singing session... read through and sing.. like singing at Noon.
      Perhaps a recorder reading session?????

      what about a conducting workshop?

      this might be a neat place to test out a Pennsic class....

      just thinking ahead...


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