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1783More music - ideas for next year

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  • Karen Kasper
    Sep 20, 2011
      Hi folks!

      Please keep the ideas and comments coming! As Lady Erlan said, the members of the Board of the KWC are listening, and working to improve not only the Pennsic Choir but also the practice of medieval and renaissance polyphonic music at Pennsic and in the SCA as a whole.

      We want to make not only choral music but all period music practice easier to access and participate in, and more fun for everyone. To accomplish that, we need your help!

      Some of the Board members, along with several long-time choir members, met at the end of Pennsic to brainstorm some additional things we can do to achieve that goal. Here are some of the ideas we came up with:

          * Create a Children's Choir at Pennsic. We've had this idea on the back burner for a while, but a mom and child actually came up to the directors after this year's Pennsic Choir concert and requested this, spurring us to act on it sooner. We already have a potential volunteer to direct this choir, a lady who is mundanely a music teacher, and would love to get your feedback on how this could best be organized.

          * Develop a full track of music classes for Pennsic. We made a good start this year, with Lady Erlan's noon-time singing and conducting classes, but we want to expand the list of classes to cover a wider range of topics, and have a greater presence at Pennsic. YOU can help by volunteering to teach a music class, or by suggesting topics/teachers for such classes. We would love to have so many music classes that the Pennsic University could devote a tent just to us, as they do with the bardic track.

          * Expand the Pennsic Choir's performance into an hour-long concert by multiple ensembles performing all kinds of Western polyphonic music. If you or someone you know has a local or Kingdom choir or instrumental group that would like to perform a short set at such a performance, please let us know! The proposed Children's Choir would be one possible group.

          * Create an additional, smaller choir that would be audition-only, meet fewer times than the Pennsic Choir, and perform a shorter set of more challenging pieces, again as part of the expanded Western Polyphonic music concert.

          * Implement the Top Ten Songs Project. You may recall that we did a survey last spring asking people for suggestions of period choral works that everyone should know and be able to sing at the drop of a hat. We tabulated your votes and Master Robyn and Lady Erlan used some of the top vote-getters at the noon-time singing, as a test run. We're planning to finalize the list and then provide links to sheet music and audio learning tracks for everyone to learn them. Then, wherever you are throughout the Known World, you can sing any of those pieces with other members of the KWC! 

           * Get the KWC's new website up and running, so there's a repository for all of this information that's more easily accessible than the Yahoo Group. 

      As a reminder, the Board of Directors of the KWC consists of all of the active past directors of the Known World Choirs around the SCA. At the moment, the active members include Lady Erlan Nordenskaldr (this Pennsic's director, from the East Kingdom), Master Robyn Solarius (once and future Pennsic Choir director, from the Middle), Mistress Arianna Morgan (past Pennsic director, from Atlantia), and myself, Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope (past Pennsic director, from AEthelmearc).

      Keep on singing!

      Arianna of Wynthrope
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