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1779Re: [KWChoir] Re: Pennsic 41 :-)

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  • Jo-Ann
    Aug 30, 2011
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      Agreed.  If it is possible to post music resources earlier, then music learning would be accomplished in fewer rehearsals.  Those who were unable to prepare or joined late in the game would benefit from the preparedness of others, and the focus would be more on blending.  Fewer folks dropping out, larger choir, bonus.

      That makes 4 cents for me....


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      I was hoping to particpate this year, but was unable to commit to all the scheduled rehersals. There's also no affordable internet where I live. It is either dail-up or satelite. I digress.

      It would be great if the music were up very early in the year. Folks like me would have more time to find a family member willing to let us take over their computers that way.

      Having the music earlier would also mean that local chorals would be able to have bi-weekly or monthly practices before hand to be familiar with the music.

      Just my two cents...and really hoping to get to participate for Pennsic 42.

      Elizabeth Thorne (Rose)

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