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1777Re: [KWChoir] Re: Pennsic 41 :-)

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  • Michelle Faid
    Aug 26, 2011
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      Actually, in my experience, the absolutely rigid times are necessary. The two of nine times that we changed time for the recording and the evening sing at the food court were both disastrous; no one had an internal clock for it, people mislaid the information of when it was, stragglers came in for an entire hour to the recording, thinking it was X time instead of Y. Maybe it would be very different if all the rehearsals were at staggered times, but in my experience, the only hope we had of a mostly full rehearsal was the same time every day.

      A keyboard for some note learning is not a bad idea, but I would use it as it has been used, judiciously. The bulk of note learning is right there to be had in the learning tracks, which are so very helpful. Ideally, in my hope and wish, we'd all utilize the teaching tool right there.

      There are some who believe rehearsals are the time to learn the material from scratch, and some who believe that they're the time to have it in mind to practice with a group. I'm very much in the latter camp. The more scratch learning we have to do on the spot, the less time we have to clean it up and really work on dynamics and blending.

      "We create gravity to give weight to things
      Then things fall and things break
      And gravity sings."

      On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 12:09 PM, Karen Kasper <arianna_wyn@...> wrote:

      Ygraine has pinpointed the issue with having rehearsals in the evening for such a large group - pretty much every other large venue (the amphitheatre and the barn come to mind) is already booked for other things, like performances, courts, or dancing, every evening from the middle Saturday onward.  I doubt if even the bigger royal camps have enough sheltered space (including seating) for the full choir, which ranges in size from 40-70 people. 

      Years ago we had rehearsals in a largish Grim's tent on the battlefield, but it was not an experience I'd care to repeat. There was a lot of dust, noise and distractions, not to mention they only gave us haybales for "chairs!"

      Keep the suggestions coming, though, folks!

      Arianna of Wynthrope

      From: Susan Kell <susan@...>
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      Sent: Friday, August 26, 2011 11:36 AM
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      Not so dumb to me! I suspect the performance pavillion would not be available in early evening, due to preparations for later performances, but perhaps there is another location that could be used? If enough schedules permit, early evenings could be considered.
      -- Ygraine, who would *love* to sing with the choir, but has waaaay too many hats already!
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      Dumb question - has there ever been rehearsals scheduled for early evening?
      - Susanna Merrybegot

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