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  • Jo-Ann
    Aug 26, 2011
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      My iPad won't let me download the file, but I bet my computer will.

      Ultimately the director has the final word and is gracious enough to
      ask for input from the membership, so thank you very much. Please do
      not worry about taxing voices with long or early rehearsals as proper
      warmups prevent wear. I'm sure the director will guide us on vocal

      My suggestions is holding fewer rehearsals, varying the time of day
      rehearsals are offered, and if the director or someone else is willing
      to take upon themselves the enormous task of providing the choir with
      mp3s with notes, words and a pronunciation guide in advance, that will
      solve a myriad of problems.

      I was unable to participate in the choir this year due to my son's
      fight schedule. Hopefully a different schedule will ensure my ability
      to join you fine folks in future Pennsic KWC's.

      One more suggestion, which I hope isn't offensive to some, is that an
      electronic keyboard be used in the early rehearsals for efficient note
      learning. It provides the support and allows multiple parts to be
      played at the same time. If vendors can use their phones to call in
      our charges, certainly we can bend the rule in honor of comfort for our
      singers who don't have the ability to read music well at sight.

      Humbly submitted,
      Siiri Toivosdottir
      Jo-Ann Sheffer
      Director of Music
      Detroit Country Day Junior School
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      Using NoteWothy, I can insert lyrics so you can see when to sing what
      words as the music plays.  Some people learn to read music watching the
      note change color as it plays.  Did I mention that there is a free
      player you can download? 
      I am enclosing 2 files, one is all parts same volume and the other has
      the alto louder than the others.  Try it out. I have instructions on
      how to download the viewer written for non-computer users.
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