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1760Re: [KWChoir] Pennsic 40 KWC CD

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  • Susan Kell
    Aug 18, 2011
      Hi Meribeth (and others who may be interested) -

      The pre-orders were intended to simplify things for folks who prefer cash/checks to PayPal. If you don't have an "issue" with PayPal, you will be able to order a CD when they are announced as "available" (which I hope will be sooner than last year's were ready!) If you would like to order by mail and send a check or money order, you can do so now OR when the CD is announced. To do so now, just fill out the form I uploaded to the Choir's Yahoo site; to do so later, there will be instructions in the announcement.

      Thanks for your singing and for your interest in the CD!

      Warm wishes,
      On 08/18/11, meribethz<meribethz@...> wrote:

      I neglected to pre-order the CD at the dress rehearsal. Is it possible for me to purchase one at this point?

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