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1734CD pre-order forms

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  • Susan Kell
    Jul 28, 2011
      Hi all -

      Better late than never...

      I have just created a pre-order form for the choir CD's. I will have some printed ones with me at War (I'll be at your dress rehearsal, for the recording), but if any of you would like to print and fill one out beforehand, I have just put a PDF of the form up in our group's file area. If you have any trouble with the form, please let me know right away.

      We are keeping the same $4 per CD as in past years. The shipping charges for orders paid for by cash or check or money order are a little lower than for orders paid by PayPal (because we don't get stuck for the PP fees). This year's CD will also be available for online purchase after we have created it.

      I hope the CD will be available before the end of September, but can't make any promises -- we will be working around the schedules of several busy people!

      Safe travels, everyone!
      Ygraine, heading out tomorrow