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1695Re: learning files for Pennsic Choir

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  • annoney@aol.com
    Jun 24, 2011
      I use NoteWorthy Composer to make learning files.  In playback, you can watch the notes change color so you can follow along.  Some people started to learn to read music by watching the notes go up and down the line and which kind of notes are held longer than others. It also has the ability to playback dynamics. NoteWorthy files are only a few kilobytes and NoteWorthy has a free viewer for playback.
      Here is what I do.  I make a file with every note in it.  Each part on it's own line.  I pick a different instrument for playback of each part so the ear can find it's part in the whole. I save this file.  Then I reopen and adjust the playback volume of the parts.  I will start of by leaving the volume of the soprano part the same and then reduce the other parts and any accompaniment to 1/4 the volume of the soprano part.  Then save this file with Sop on the end of the file name.  Then I reduce the volume of the soprano part and increase the volume of the alto and save it with Alto at the end of the file name.  I continue for each part.  The reason I do not completely mute the other parts, I believe you need to hear the other parts to learn any dissonances and get entrances and cues from the other parts.
      Then I send these files to everyone in the group and they can play them back on their computer.  But at work most people are not allowed to download the NoteWorthy viewer so I can easily export to midi all the files.  My husband has worked out how to convert the NoteWothy files to audio files to make a CD to play in the car.  Old CD players cannot play MP3 files.
      The downside is someone has to fork over the $52.00 to get the NoteWorthy Composer program.  At first it took a long time to get the music in, but after getting familiar with the keyboard shortcuts, I was able to do the whole Hallelujah Chorus with all the piano accompaniment in 6 hours.
      I have already made lots of files of lots of music.  If you have a song in mind, ask me and I'll see if I have it.
      aka Annoney
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