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165Quest for a clef

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  • harpadillo
    Apr 7, 2005
      I have and wear almost contstantly a treble clef necklace.  The clef is about 1 inch tall, and of a simple, almost rough design.  I have had and worn it for years.
      My only quibble about it is that it is a teble, or G clef.  I am an alto.  I play a viola.  I study music that usually uses C clefs.  In high school, I even petitioned to have alto clef music questions in our music theory final - which up until then had only had treble and bass clef questions (my argument was if I had to learn to read clefs I never used, then everyone had to).
      I have looked far and wide, but all music jewelry tends to be treble clef, or some permutation of notes.  I've seen the occasional bass clef - but no alto or C clefs.
      I'm wanting one about 1 inch tall, of a simple, almost rough design. 
      I've attached a JPEG of it for those who are able to view it.  If you can't, I'll be happy to email it directly if you want a gander.  I would also upload it to the file section of a group if there is interest.
      Niamh inghean Lachlainn - alto
      I would appreciate any assistance or leads.

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