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1647Re: rehearsals for pennsic 40

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  • maria daggett
    May 8 7:23 AM
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      THursday  3-5
      Friday   3-5
      Saturday   3-5
      Sunday   3-5
      Monday   3-5
      Tuesday 4:30-6:30
      Wed   3-5
      THursday Dress 2-4
      Set up 5:30
      Concert 6-6:30

      I am finalizing music, ...
      I have the information to change the pennsiwar.org website

      Erlan is working very hard to get this out to everyone
      I set my date to be May 15th for music to be up and available.
      The audio files will take longer since I have to pass those out to others to do for me.

      Right now we are planning on some really nice music that I think you will all enjoy.