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1638Re: [KWChoir] Pennsic 40. music

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  • Nicole E. Miller
    Apr 11, 2011
      Lower range sounds are often harder to hear on any recording and it has to be amped up more during editing. I spoke with several from my home music group who were in the audience and while those voices were harder to hear in some of the CD pieces, in person they were not as hidden. It might even be an affect of Master Li having to remove much of the background hum possibly taking away some of the lower voice presence. Sort of collateral damage, so to speak, of the audio cleaning.

      ---- Steven Mansfield <oroboro.steve@...> wrote:

      I'll check those out here a bit later, but one thing your comments on the
      first one brought to mind - How can we account for the distinct disparity in
      high-vs-low voices we ran into this last year? The tenor/bass lines on the
      CD were *really* hard to pick out.

      On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 8:41 AM, Erlandr Nordenskald <
      erlannordenskald@...> wrote:

      > Hello all.
      > I have been working on putting together a program.
      > I'm sitting on a few things but I am VERY hesitant to do them... and why is
      > this... LACK OF MEN.
      > And I'm talking music here.
      > 1) Spem in alium (Thomas Tallis)
      > 40 parts
      > Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bari, Bass. 8 each.
      > So, that would mean a minimum of 24 men or at least 16 for the Bari and
      > Bass parts. That's putting ladies on Tenor which would NOT be preferable.
      > 2) Ecce beatam lucem (Alessandro Striggio)
      > This motet can be done with a few different voicings. 10 choirs of 4 voices
      > each. 5 double choirs.. that sort of thing. It's the same voicings as the
      > mass, however we are NOT doing that ... I'm sticking with the Motet thank
      > you.
      > Now, I need to get some recordings of this,,, look over the parts and ask
      > the opinions of those who will be participating.
      > Is it possible to reach into our home groups and bring in more men? I'm not
      > worried about covering ladies parts.. never am.. but we can't take on a 40
      > voice piece with limited men.
      > Perhaps I can offer up something enticing.... right now I can't think of
      > what that might be, but I can try. Perhaps if each participant brought in a
      > male voice... that would make it work.
      > A promotional campaign on how the Choir is looking to do this monumental
      > work and needs male voices... perhaps just for the 40 voice piece...
      > So I'm looking for your suggestions.. and ideas.
      > Now, for the rest of the program, I am thinking of adding some Robert
      > Jordan Madrigals to have some fun with and maybe my 2 favorite Josquin's El
      > Grillo and Scaramella just for fun.
      > Thanks
      > Erlan

      Steve Mansfield
      425-829-8729 (Cell)
      425-298-7614 (Google Voice)
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