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1612Re: [KWChoir] Pennsic 40 Choir Director and new Known World Choir structure

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  • Steven Mansfield
    Mar 10, 2011
      I only just noted an error in your email:

      - An Tir: Viktor Zabolotskoi - vsapko@...

      I'm not sure where that email is from, but it's not mine (and I am Viktor :-) ).  The email above is my only non-work email.

      On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 8:23 PM, Karen Kasper <arianna_wyn@...> wrote:

      Greetings to the members of the Known World Choirs!

      I have the distinct pleasure of announcing that the director for the Known World Choir at Pennsic 40 (July/August 2011) will be Mistress Josselyne ferch Rhys of the Kingdom of Caid. Mistress Josselyne was the founder of the Pennsic Choir almost 20 years ago, and has agreed to come out to Pennsic for the first time in many years to bring her magic to the choir once again. We are very, very excited to have her.

      Regarding the new KWC Structure: as many of you who were at Pennsic know, Lady Erlan Nordenskaldr and I met there to discuss the idea of bringing greater structure to the Known World Choir organization. Along with this year's director, Master Robyn Solarius, and past director Mistress Arianna Morgan, we held a round-table discussion on the last Friday of Pennsic to brainstorm how best to do this. 17 attendees provided a lot of creative energy and thought-provoking ideas. Thank you to everyone who participated!

      A document detailing what we came up with at those meetings has been uploaded to the Yahoo Group site at http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/KWChoir/files/Board%20of%20Directors/

      For those of you who prefer the Cliff Notes version, here's the gist of it:


      1. The Mission of the Known World Choir (KWC) is to provide a place for all people to learn about and participate in the practice and performance of pre-17th century polyphonic choral music.

      2. The KWC now has a "Board of Directors" consisting of all past directors from KWCs around the SCA who have expressed an interest in participating. Choral Directors from all SCA wars were offered the opportunity to be members, and future directors will also have that opportunity. At this time, the following directors have accepted:
      • Lady Erlan Nordenskald (East) - daggett42@...
      • Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope (AEthelmearc) - arianna_wyn@...
      • Mistress Arianna Morgan (Atlantia) - chrissings@...
      • Master Robyn Solarius (Middle) - dsrubin1@...

      3. The purpose of the Board is to help further the mission of the KWC by providing the following support services:

      a. Logistics: Assisting and educating new directors in how to run SCA choirs at Wars around the SCA.

      b. Library: Maintaining music files from each year’s performance and making them available to the KWC members.

      c. Advertising/promotion to attract audiences.

      d. Recruitment of both singers and potential directors.

      e. Training and mentoring of aspiring choral conductors.

      f. Digitizing assistance for directors who need help converting music to electronic audio files.

      g. Performance practice: Serving as a resource for period music practices, including pronunciation and translations.

      h. Education and support for choral music and musicians throughout the SCA.

      4. To accomplish these goals, the Board will:

      a. Set up a website for the KWC, to supplement the Yahoo Group and provide a more easily accessible resource for choral musicians. Board members will provide and solicit content for the site from the membership of the KWC.

      b. Recruit people to serve as KWC "Ambassadors" for their kingdoms. KWC Ambassadors will:

      i. Post information about KWCs to their Kingdom lists, including forwarding messages from the Board of Directors
      ii. Serve as contacts for choral musicians in their kingdoms looking for information and assistance
      iii. Facilitate the learning of KWC repertoire, possibly by running pre-war rehearsals at Kingdom and local universities/scholas

      At this time, these Board members have accepted responsibility for specific areas:

      - Erlan: Library, Performance Practice
      - Robyn: Digitizing music, recruiting teachers for music classes at Pennsic
      - Arianna W: Logistics at Pennsic
      - All directors: Recruiting, training and mentoring, and advertising


      What does all this mean for you?

      - We will be providing you with more choral music resources.
      - We will be more organized so you get more information farther in advance.
      - We are available to help if you would like to do more in choral music, including learning to direct.
      - We need YOUR help to make this work!

      The following people have volunteered to be KWC Ambassadors:
      - An Tir: Viktor Zabolotskoi - vsapko@...
      - Meridies: Tessa the Amnesiac - tessadamnesiac@...
      - Northshield: Eliane Halevy - jennifer-friedman@...
      - Æthelmearc: Arianna of Wynthrope - arianna_wyn@...
      - Atlantia: Arianna Morgan - chrissings@...

      If you would like to be a KWC Ambassador, please contact us!

      Also, we are looking for people willing to assist with the following:

      - Development and maintenance of the KWC website. Erlan owns the rights to the domain KnownWorldChoir.org. Mistress Cassandra Arabella Giordani of Atlantia has agreed to host the KWC via the Atlantian website. We need to someone to maintain it.

      - Logistics and support for choirs and choral music at wars other than Pennsic, Lilies and Gulf Wars (which already have people handling choral activities).

      - Articles, links and other suggestions about what to include on the website.

      - Suggestions for a list of 10 songs that every member of the KWC should know; preferably pieces that can be sung by any array of voices. We want to be able to sing whenever even a small number of us are gathered! Suggestions so far include Sumer is icumen in, Alle Psallite, and some of the Ravenscroft rounds.

      - Ideas on how to make it easier for people to participate in the KWC at Pennsic if they cannot commit to daily 2-hour rehearsals. See the document on the Yahoo Group site for ideas we've discussed so far.

      - Your suggestions for how to make the KWC even better.

      If you've made it to the bottom of this very long missive, thanks for your patience. We are excited about moving forward with these changes, and we hope you find them useful.

      In service,

      Arianna of Wynthrope

      Steve Mansfield
      425-829-8729 (Cell)
      425-298-7614 (Google Voice)

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