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1598Re: [KWChoir] Digest Number 651

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  • Jennifer Kobayashi
    Feb 17, 2011
      >> "Sumer is i-cumin in": sort of English :-) a round, medieval, up to 6 parts
      >Six parts if you hate basses, which the person who wrote this plainly did.
      Looking at the original notation of Sumer is i-cumen in, I don't think there is
      any reason it has to be basses in particular. In fact I think anyone can sing
      the ground. Personally, I have found it very useful to teach the ground canon to
      people unfamiliar with the piece, and let those who know the piece sing the more
      complex melody. I think assigning it to basses in particular is a modern
      convention perpetrated by the Greenburg book. My two cents.

      - Jennifer/Gwendolyn
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