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159Re: Estrella Known World Choir

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  • wodeford
    Feb 22, 2005
      Hope everyone made it home safely. Flooding on I-5 just north of the
      Tejon Ranch exit in the Grapevine put me a few hours behind schedule,
      but other than that, the trip was uneventful. Now I just have to deal
      with the laundry. ;->

      --- In KWChoir@yahoogroups.com, "Donald F. Harrington"
      <donharrington@m...> wrote:
      > In retrospect, I liked the multiple performances though. After all
      > that work, it made for a bigger payoff.

      Scheduling multiple practice sessions worked very well. Thank you for
      taking so much time out of your war to do that. There were enough to
      choose from that I could fit things into my day and still get some
      swot time on a lot of new music.

      > [Snipped] We presented 5 tunes - Pastime With Good Company, Ce Moys
      > de May (a surprise hit),
      "Ce Moys de May" is FUN! I'm bogarting this one for my one of my
      "singalong for beginners" classes. The top line is easy enough I can
      teach it by rote to people who don't read notation - and I think I
      might even be able to whip up an English transliteration that would
      adapt for the children's songbook project I keep shoving to the back

      Thank you so much, everybody. I had a blast! And if I'm at Estrella
      next year, count me in.

      Jehanne de Wodeford, Province of the Mists, West
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