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1525Re: [KWChoir] A challenge has come to me

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  • Michelle Faid
    Oct 14, 2010
      You might also contact Wyndreth Berginsdottir. She's from far west, but has extensively researched Norse and Viking music. Her written work is also fantastic.


      "Don't go by night, they said. But she did. Don't stray
      from the road, they said. But she did. Don't follow the
      fire, don't listen to it's music, they said. But she did.
      They meant well, she knew, but they didn't understand."

      On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 6:21 PM, Constance Swanson <ladysvea@...> wrote:

      I have a CD set called MUSICA SVECIAE FOLK MUSIC IN SWEDEN DEN MEDELTIDA BALLADEN from Caprice Records/ Sveriges Radio P2, Stockholm, 1995. It is a very mixed bag, and nothing is specifically "Viking," but the liner notes  by Bengt R. Jonnson and Margareta Jersild may be helpful if you can get your hands on a copy. If interlibrary loan doesn't work for you, email me off list and I'll try to get the text to you.

      From: Abbie <rienan@...>
      To: KWChoir@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tue, October 12, 2010 11:22:11 AM
      Subject: [KWChoir] A challenge has come to me


      Hi guys!

      I have recently been challenged to do some research into a musical area I'm not familiar with. I thought I'd share, because it's fun!

      Does anyone have any resources for Viking or Viking-esk music? I know they were primarily aural, and I've found a few websites with very little information. Can anyone help?



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