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1515Re: [KWChoir] Matona Mia Cara, CD and video

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  • Jennifer Friedman
    Oct 12, 2010
      Working on it! The cards aren't mine, so I have been in touch with the person who has them, who has agreed to transcribe them for me, but I gave him until the end of the week. Patience.
      Eliane Halevy, OL
      Barony of Jararvellir, Kingdom of Northshield
      Jennifer Friedman, 4630 Mineral Point Rd., Madison, WI 53705
      (608) 238-7627, jennifer-friedman@..., www.gflower.org

      From: Diane K. Hauer <dkhauer@...>
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      Sent: Tue, October 12, 2010 10:00:48 AM
      Subject: Re: [KWChoir] Matona Mia Cara, CD and video


       I would be happy if someone just posted the phrases to this list. I dont care about timing or what have you.
      I wasnt able to read them at pennsic. (back row, not able to read and sing different things at the same time, etc...)


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      From: Dave Rubin <dsrubin2004@...>
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      Subject: [KWChoir] Matona Mia Cara, CD and video


      Couple of things:

      Yes, the CD is only audio - no video.

      AND, we recorded "Matona" pretty straight for the CD, so adding the subtitles to the liner notes might be confusing to listeners who weren't at the concert.

      On the other hand, I DID video record the concert, and it came out not too bad. I will send a YouTube link to Eliane and see if she can add the text as graphics (you can't read the cards on the video unfortunately). Then we can pass around the YouTube link to anyone interested...


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