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1494Re: Pennsic Choir - Pennsic 39: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  • Erlan
    Aug 25, 2010
      Hello all,
      Back to civilization. I forgot to reset all my groups to receive e mail. What a Moderator I make.

      Thank you everyone. Robyn, this was one of the most amazing years in all of my 20. And to EVERYONE who participated... it's a group effort and it's not a one person show. and YOU DID IT. WOW.
      I went home with this high in my soul... and feeling amazing and that's something I haven't felt in a very long time.

      After this past year, I've really felt like the music was dead inside me and this was just what I personally needed. I still cried every time you rehearsed Weep o mine eyes.... and Innsbruck.... but I have come home singing and laughing and remembering how strong music is and how empowering the human voice can be and how life changing those voices are together.

      Thank you Ariana for really taking charge this year and putting everything together. You are a good friend. I mean that.

      OK.. we are working on putting a lot of things together... Robyn has an emial list together and we're talking about a new website that will be a resource for singers all over the Known World...! We're talking about next year's Concert and rumor has it... there will be a very VERY special director... more details on that to follow...

      Be safe everyone and I WILL see you next year. !!

      director emeritas

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