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1477Matona subtitles

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  • Jennifer Friedman
    Jul 30, 2010
      Yup, we have subtitles for Matona! They are a literal translation with a couple of jokes thrown in. I provided the translation, Master Chandler, the conductor of the Jararvellir Choir, had the idea of subtitles, organized it onto posterboards and added some jokes. We have tried to capture the subtitled performance on video, but can never manage it since the person running the video camera collapses in giggles towards the middle...! I hope we will be able to use them in the KWC performance at Pennsic!
      For that matter, I am sure there are other songs that would benefit from subtitles, both for translation purposes, and sometimes to increase the funny factor. What else has the audience got to do when they're sitting there listening, especially if there is no printed program?
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      You have subtitles for Matona? That is just... brilliant! 

      Why didn't I ever think of that?! 

      I'm soooo stealing the idea the next time my barony choir does Matona (if you don't mind...). Hee-hee!


      --- On Fri, 7/30/10, Jennifer Friedman <jennifer-friedman@ sbcglobal. net> wrote:
      In related news, I've just received word that a) we have permission to use the "Matona Mia Cara" subtitles, and b) the owner of the subtitle cards may even know where they are so I can get them from him this weekend (he and his Lady are in the midst of a move across town, you know how these things go). If he can find them, I will bring them to War and we will have some extra giggles during "Matona"!

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