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1437Re: Erlan's music

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  • Maria Eskinazi
    Jul 17, 2010
      Hey folks
        OK, after long brain discussions... I have chosen a very light later period madrigal (Totally unlike my usual) but Zach loved this song and I love it and it's fun and a little "dirty" so we can have fun with it.
      4 Parts
      Hard By  A Fountain
      By Hurbert Waelrunt 1518-95


      In English, 2 verses and lot's of fa la la's
      The Wiki Choral thingy link is up there... hope you can find it.
      Of course.. being that I am of the "old school" method...anyone want to put it in the library or create midi's... you have my blessed permission...
      I want to have fun.. and this will be fun.. and it shouldn't stress anyone out too much.
      See you in a few weeks

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