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  • maria daggett
    Jan 27, 2005
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      I just want every one to know that I am SO excited
      about the first KWC at Estrella. Its such a big step
      to bring this great group out to Estrella. And it's
      not like it's actually a group but an idea and a
      director and a group of people willing to re-create
      the music of the renaissance.
      I've been the so-called leader of the KWC for 9
      years now and it's been a quest to really make it
      KNOWN WORLD and get volunteers to take over different
      events and it's happening.

      I want to say a HUGE thank you for singing... for
      commmitting the time. Support the director... and
      have fun.

      I wish I could be there. I realy really do.
      I will be there in spirit and please know that you
      have my support and that even though I am not able to
      be there, I'm really proud to see this idea of the
      Known World Choir spread accross the USA.

      Thank you......

      ERlandr Nordskald
      Co-ordinator Known World
      Director Emeritas KWC@Pennsic

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