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1413Re: Erlan's piece and more Erlan stuff

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  • Erlandr Nordenskald
    Jun 22, 2010
      Master Robyn has been gracious enough to allow me the liberty to rehearse and direct one piece for this year's Choir.
      I am still not certain which selection ... I have to think carefully of what will go into the programme yet still have the desired effect that I am looking for.

      On another note... a few weeks ago, my dear friend Isabeau handed me an envelope... that you had given her back in August of 2009. She did not hand it to me until just recently.

      I was struck with awe, tears and greatfullness.

      You see that I have been quiet this past year for it has been very difficult for me to do much of anything. Loosing Zach was the most awful thing that I have ever experienced and I am still struggling with how to move on.

      Thank you for the card and monetary gifts. I can't tell you how much it is needed.

      My husband's parents and brother have made this year a living hell. They fought me in court on everything that Zach had left for me and I am still fighting the good fight.

      On July 9th I have rented a ship and will be giving Zach his "Viking Funeral". His cremains will go into a Norwegian long boat and we will set him sail into the Hudson River (New York)

      Thank you for your support over this year!

      I am looking foward to seeing you all this year at war!! It will be great to be with you and the music. You are in for a treat this year with Robyn. !!!

      Be well and I'll see you in August.

      Erlan Nordenskald, Coordinator Known World Choir and Director Emeritas
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