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1400RE: [KWChoir] Looking for Medieval/Renaissance Music

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  • Marcus Antaya
    May 23, 2010
      myself, I prefer the Whisky Bards, or the musical stylings of in incomparable Heather Dale.

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      Subject: RE: [KWChoir] Looking for Medieval/Renaissance Music
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      The trick, I think, is to have music that is 'bouncy' and 'upbeat' without
      being too overwhelming.

      Naxos as a label has a lot of good period music recordings, listed as 'Early
      Music*Alte Musik'. Some recordings from Naxos I would recommend:

      Chominciamento di gioia; Virtuoso dance-music from the time of Boccaccio's
      Decamerone - Ensemble Unicorn - DDD 8.553131

      Carmina Burana (Medieval poems and songs) - Ensemble Unicorn / Michael Posch
      / Ensemble Oni Wytars / Marco Ambrosini - DDD 8.554837 (note, this is NOT
      the Orff composition)

      At the Sign of the Crumhorn; Flemish Songs and Dance Music from the Susato
      Music Books - Convivium Musicum Gothernburgense / Sven Berger / Andreas
      Edlund - DDD 8.554425

      Codex Faenza; Instrumetal Music of the Early XVth Century - Ensemble Unicorn
      / Michale Posch - DDD 8.553618

      Other labels:

      Sinfonye's "Amydde The Karole For To Daunce" - on the Authentica label of
      Tring International Plc. Item code seems to be AS 003

      "Minstrel Songs And Dances for a Medieval Banquet" - I HIGHLY recommend
      this, for general SCA purposes as well as for what you are doing. It was
      released by a British chain store called Past Times (they sell historical
      'stuff' - reproductions, etc.) I don't know if they 'onsell' their CDs to
      other stores, but their website is www.pasttimes.com. My copy is c.1994; I
      don't know if they are still selling it. Order code on the disc is PT 1828

      "Music of The Tudor Age", released by Soundalive Music on their Music
      Treasures Series, is another good, general music CD. Code is SAMMT/CD/104

      Hopefully that's of some use to you. Good luck!

      Blodeuwedd y Gath,

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