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  • Karen Kasper
    Apr 11, 2010
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      Didn't Erlan do Vittoria's "O Magnum Mysterium" at the Pennsic before last? Not that we can't do it again, but it has been done pretty recently...


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      O Magnum, beautiful, haunting and gorgeous--can we sing that please?
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      Do you mean Tomas Luis de Victoria? Can't go wrong with O Magnam Mysterium and there is already a website with the midi files and music http://www.uma. es/victoria/ partituras. html 
      Asperges Me Domine is apt for the Easter season and if its 90 degrees in the shade could be a call for a cooling mist. A man for all seasons.
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      > Just a thought: Palestrina, Orlando de Lasso. Tomas Luis de Valara. Thomas Morley,

      Hmmm. Just did "Fire, Fire" in a concert with the University of Illinois at Springfield Chorus last night.

      I don't suppose that's the one you're considering? I already know the Bass line. ;-)


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