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  • Tracey Duncan
    Jan 25, 2010
      Hey Everyone!  I had been planning a Party Lite party this Sunday, January 31st at my house in Raleigh at 3:00.  I have a friend who is just starting out as a consultant and I really wanted to help her get a good start.  I have put the word out here and on Facebook and talked to several of you and it just seems like this week is a bad week and no one is able to come.  I was thinking about changing it to next month.  If I did, are there more of you that could come?  I'm thinking Sunday, February 21 (my birthday!) or Sunday, February 27.  Can you please email me back if you could do either one of these and would be interested in coming?

      Thanks, friends!
      Rose aka Tracey

      Lady Rosanella Vespucci
      Argent, a hummingbird rising to sinister vert between three roses gules within an orle purpure