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135Lillies is happening

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  • daggett42
    Aug 24, 2004
      Well, it's ALMOST official.
      There will be a Known World Choir at the War of the Lillies in
      Calontir in June of 2005.
      I am in negotiations now with the Autocrat........
      SO, in my start of negotiations........I will need a choir and a
      Director! AHAH.
      Now is the time perhaps for people in the Mid, Calontir, Meridies,
      Outlands to forward the news to local lists..... and help start the
      ball rolling.
      Again, this year's KWC at Pennsic was wonderful. I assure you
      that next year's program and director will be part of a year NOT to
      be missed!
      Thank you again Mistress Anne for your time and dedication in
      keeping the Known World Choir going..........it keeps my dream alive.

      Your Director Emeritas
      Lady Erlan Nordskald.