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  • Janet Ryan
    Sep 25, 2009
      Our little group just did an all Italian set.  Quando la sera [canta'al grillolin, bel grillolin], Quando ritrovo [mia pastorella], So ben mi ch'a bon tempo, and one I'd never seen before, O bene mio -- verses to that one fairly straightforward, making plans to meet, will leave the door unlocked so she can come right in, will watch at the window till 2am, etc., but the refrain is And if anyone should find us, you will cry [apparently to disarm all suspicion!] 'Selling eggs here, selling eggs, selling eggs!'   Supposed to be a plausible explanation of her being in the house secretly at 2am?!  It should have been part of the scenario for the Commedia del Arte show at the event!  It's a pretty song, too.
      But speaking of what our local groups are singing, I wondered, if we wanted to try anything that the Pennsic Choir just did, is it ok to just print out copies of the sheet music files you put up for the Choir or xerox my paper copies and start rehearsing, or are there copyright issues or performance restriction issues that you had to clear for the Choir to do them, or any SCA protocols about so taking advantage of a Choir director's work beyond saying Hi, I hope you're pleased that we like your choices?  And whether any such issues vary, e.g. whether I'd need to check with each prior director if I wanted to use anything still up or that I still had paper copies of from earlier Pennsics?
      Alison Winter

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      Keep on singing, everyone! Hmm, for those of you in choirs, either SCA or mundane, that do period music, how about telling us what pieces you're doing right now


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