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  • Terri Spencer
    Sep 8 12:06 PM
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      We don't have an active choir in our area at this time, but we've started music nights at our fighter practice. It was triggered by a new member wanting to play his guitar, and now we have two guitars, flute, drum, a couple recorders and vocalists on a good night. With various levels of ability - my recorder skills are from second grade, but we're all learning.

      I've introduced everyone to Stella Splendens, the 'song that followed me all Pennsic', from KWC to harp to bagpipe and mysterious music heard across the lake. Now I'm picking out a few carols to learn for the holidays for a local parade demo. It is not easy to find period tunes with simple harmony in ranges and keys the recorders and vocalists can handle. Challenging but fun.


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      > 1b. Re: Pictures from this year
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      > arianna_wyn
      >     Date: Fri Sep 4, 2009 12:39 pm ((PDT))
      > Keep on singing, everyone! Hmm, for those of you in choirs,
      > either SCA or mundane, that do period music, how about
      > telling us what pieces you're doing right now that you love
      > or find challenging?
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